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Ask me anything   I am a fine artist and stop motion animator; I have a tendency toward the surreal, eccentric, and brightly coloured. this blog will show my experiments, works in progress, and finished pieces; There will be an emphasis on model making and character design.


    Here’s a short stop motion test I did a couple weeks back. It features 2 baby swan models I made last summer -  I recently sent them off to their new owners. I edited to make it seem like much more of an event than it actually is :)

    This short clip is similar to a longer animation I created, featuring Origami dance sequences. Check it out: https://vimeo.com/23736286

    I haven’t done any animation for a while, and I’ve got a really great new camera, so perhaps I will post new videos soon!

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    Some sea coral inspired earrings. These are part of a set of sea coral inspired jewellery I’m making, since I love the effect. I feel they are abstract enough that they might remind you of a bunch of different things - sea coral, pipes, alien body parts, fungus - all sorts of weird stuff :)

    These earrings will be for sale soon!

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    Here’s a little critter I made the other day. I got the suggestion to call him a “Snelephant”, and I think this term suits him. While making him, I had in mind butterflies, snails, and elephants. Also, Aliens. I included a photograph of him with my hand, to show scale - I’ve got to start making things a bit bigger - small scale model making is hard on the eyes!

    The last pic has him standing in front of some other abstract models I’ve made recently, which I’ll be posting about soon.

    I’m open to suggestions about the name, but “Snelephant” seems like a good bet. 


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    Here are a couple of penguin pendants I made for a friend - one a necklace, the other a brooch. It was a fun project to do, and has peaked my interest in relief sculpture and how I might apply that to other artistic projects.

    If anyone wants to commission jewellery or a model, feel free to contact me - miriamspringett@gmail.com - I should have an Etsy shop open very soon!

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    Here’s a swan box I made during the summer. It was a wedding present for my cousin, commissioned by my Grandma. The baby swans (or cygnets) I made a little while after, two for the happy couple, and an extra one for my Grandma. I had no trouble giving away the swan, since I shipped it off as soon as it was finished, but since I kept the cygnets in my studio for so long, I got attached and was sad to see them go!

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    1,000 likes! I obviously love me some tumblr :)

    1,000 likes! I obviously love me some tumblr :)

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    I made a small model of my favourite Edward Gorey character, “The Doubtful Guest”. I made him in the summer, but I realize winter is a much better time to show him off, because of his fabulous scarf.

     Undoubtedly one of my favourite children’s book characters.

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